Code Camp 2016 Iasi moments

Code Camp 2016 Iasi highlights

I woke up at about 3 in the morning, after a short time of sleep I was ready to get into my car and go to Endava, Chisinau office – where the bus was waiting for about 50 Endava Code Campers – who were ready to roll to Romania for this grand IT event.

We arrived at about 8 o’clock in the morning, started the day with Sponsor’s introductions in the main room on the ground floor, few selfies and fun time 🙂

2016-04-25 14-01-13 DSC_7678.NEF

2016-04-25 14-00-00 DSC_7671.NEF

2016-04-25 14-01-47 DSC_7680.NEF2016-04-25 14-00-20 DSC_7672.NEF

2016-04-25 14-00-50 DSC_7674.NEF

After, 1.5 hours of sponsors speeches I moved to 11th floor, started getting ready for my presentation and getting familiar with the room structure. As my presentation was scheduled at 12:00, at 11th floor, in a large 100 sits auditorium, it was a great thing to plan ahead and getting familiarized with the resonance of auditorium… Afterwards, it for sure lead to a better experience!

Few words about me 🙂


I did a cool method in my presentation – added related quote from previous presenter – Alex, from, which resonated pretty well with my topic:




You can find the slides from my speech below:


More photos are here.




We also did the Ruby world ( c ) Aaron Patterson’s aka @tenderlove Saturday Hug

My speech resonated with the audience pretty well, had some afterwards talks and here are some tweets:

Also got some positive feedback from my bud Roman 🙂

2016-04-25 14-03-09 DSC_7710.NEF

And some critique as well … Things are getting pretty serious here… 🙂
2016-04-25 14-03-36 DSC_7716.NEF

… then did sone air Guitar in front of Palas Iasi Fountain ( c ) \m/

2016-04-25 14-04-23 DSC_7723.NEF

Finally we went to the Palas, Iasi – which was a tough thing to do 🙂 Although the weather was warm and shiny!

2016-04-25 14-04-48 DSC_7729.NEF

CodeCamp – probably the largest IT conference in Romania – See You Next Year!

More photos here.

Auto-download Youtube batch playlists… converting to audio (OS X)

Needed libraries

1 brew install libav

2 brew install atomicparsley

3 brew install ffmpeg –with-fdk-aac –with-ffplay –with-freetype –with-frei0r –with-libass –with-libvo-aacenc –with-libvorbis –with-opencore-amr –with-openjpeg –with-opus –with-rtmpdump –with-schroedinger –with-speex –with-theora –with-tools
4 youtube-dl

brew install youtube-dl
cd ~/.config
mkdir youtube-dl
cd youtube-dl
touch config

Edit and save your config file:

Sveat0slavs-MacBook-Pro-2:youtube-dl sveat0slav$ vim config

–audio-format mp3
–audio-quality 0


5 proxy .. just in case 🙂

brew install tor
ln -sfv /usr/local/opt/tor/*.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents
launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.tor.plist


Sveat0slavs-MacBook-Pro-2:yt sveat0slav$ youtube-dl ai8RiM44Y9E
ai8RiM44Y9E: Downloading webpage
ERROR: Unable to download webpage: <urlopen error Tunnel connection failed: 501 Tor is not an HTTP Proxy> (caused by URLError(error(‘Tunnel connection failed: 501 Tor is not an HTTP Proxy’,),))
=> can’t work with SOCKS

6 brew install polipo
ln -sfv /usr/local/opt/polipo/*.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents
launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/homebrew.mxcl.polipo.plist


7 Download process

youtube-dl –no-playlist –extract-audio Pbw175phGxY

youtube-dl –no-playlist Pbw175phGxY

youtube-dl –yes-playlist –playlist-start 1 –extract-audio PLHx5Jww4l9X0-j3upsXykG3hGletETMp7

youtube-dl –yes-playlist –playlist-start 1 PLHx5Jww4l9X0-j3upsXykG3hGletETMp7

2015-12-14 03-22-19 yt — youtube-dl --yes-playlist --playlist-start 1 PLHx5Jww4l9X0-j3upsXykG3hGletETMp7 — 107×22

Как сэкономить время или как мы с женой удалялись с Одноклассников.

Решили както с женой удалиться с одноклассников .. Но незадача: за годы пользования накопилось сотни фоток и фотоальбомов которые найти было практически нереально на локальных носителях .. а  ручками сохранять – тоже не дело…

Будучи инженером по автоматизации тестирования, я не растерялся и позвал на помощь ruby и watir’а). Первоначальный скрипт написал часа за 2 после которого следовали улучшения и дополнения .. Из чего получился небольшой скриптец, который считывая названия каждой фоточки, с любовью сохраняет все личные фото, фотоальбомы а так же фотки в которых нас затэгали друзья – прямо на жёсткий диск, запустив лишь одну команду 🙂

Премерно так это чудо юдо рыба-динозавр выглядит:


и вторая часть:


А вот собственно весь процесс (использовался тестовый аккаунт):

Ну и для будущих поколений залил на гитхаб (авось кому пригодится).

Ingress #invite code generator in Ruby.

Here is a little ruby script i wrote for simulation generation of ingress invite codes, check it out..

In order to try it out you must have installed Ruby version 1.9.3-p194 or higher, also must have active_support gems installed. Then simply run “ruby ingress1.rb”. And a screenshot of how it works:

And the code itself Have fun 🙂

The actual codes will not work, yet LOL 🙂