>Я надеялся что это будет маленький мак но это оказалось большим айфоном…

>Hi guys, since the tweeter doesn’t allow me to post more than 150 symbols, today i will share my point of view regarding the latest Apple’s device – the iPad … Now don’t take me wrong, i like Apple, i have an iMac as my home computer myself … So no offense, it’s not about that. And mainly i want to focus my little monolog analysis on the draws of this yet IMHO “not so successful” device.To number a few: It doesn’t have ports/extension card slot? That’s just silly. But, even if it did, they wouldn’t be standard USB or whatever anyway. A ten hour mark for a reader its not such a high level rate actually, and if u really want to get a good reader which will keep you eye-safe, get an e-ink which will run double or maybe tripple the ipad’s time… No flash ? WTF.. People would love to have an universal device.. Still no multitasking? The thing that “killed” me the most was the microSIM GSM expansion slot… My GSM operator would look dumbly at me asking WTF? and probably many from the European market operator’s would do the same …Here is a favourite quote about the iPad’s fail:

Computing has taken some giant leaps since the 1970’s mostly due to hardware coming down sharply in prices along with the advent of open platform computing. (I’m not talking open source although that has had a major impact.) What that means is that for the most part, if I see an application I want to use I can download it or buy it and run it on my computer without any one elses permission. If I cannot find an application I need, I can write it or have someone else write it for me. Also without anyone elses permission.That changes with Apple.The iPad will use the same application store as the iPhone does, and everything there is controlled by a gatekeeper. Apple. If Apple doesn’t want me to run Firefox on the iPad I won’t be able to. And this will happen because they don’t like flash which means I’ll be prevented from playing a million browser based flash games by Apple. If the app I’ve bought gets unapproved by Apple, there’s a good chance I’ll lose access to it, no matter how much I depend on it. The gatekeeper is a nightclub bouncer.Apple have always zealously prevented competitors from emulating their products. And they’ve managed to control their hardware. But there’s always been the software that they haven’t been able to control. Until now.It doesn’t matter who it is, Apple or otherwise. Gatekeepers are bad for consumers. And that’s why the iPad is a giant step backwards in computing.

Source.As a last thought type in words “ipad” and “pointless” into google’s search, and check the results LOL. I wanted a small mac, but it had to be a big iphone LOL. (title)

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