Forty Two Tools of Social Media Marketing

According to the generally held opinion, all Social Media Marketing tools are limited to group creation on Facebook, blogging and Twitter, as well as uploading content to YouTube. To reason away this popular belief I gathered all my business proposals, reports and cases, and analyzed some hundreds of subject-related blogs. As a result, I made up a list of forty two effective and “fair” SMM tools.

1. Group creation in social media to invite there target audience representatives.
2. Viral marketing.
3. Blog creation and promotion on Twitter.
4. Article promotion in subject-oriented social media.
5. News promotion on social news web services.
6. Article allocation in social-oriented mass-media.
7. Bookmarks allocation on social bookmark services.
8. Distribution of information and links in subject-related communities.
9. Face-to-face work with opinion leaders.
10. Writing and distribution of social releases.
11. Promotion on FAQ services.
12. Link allocation in Wikipedia articles.
13. Lens creation on projects like SQUIDOO.
14. Arrangement of virtual flash mobs.
15. Organization and holding of online competitions, polling and voting.
16. Corporate blog creation and promotion.
17. Adding guest posts to close in subject blogs.
18. Adding informative comments to close in subject blogs.
19. Promo posts allocation in blogs.
20. SMO optimization of website/blog structure.
21. Unique free content allocation on website/blog (e.g. plug-in or e-book).
22. Blog notes crossposting on blog services.
23. Linkbaiting.
24. Subject-oriented community creation and promotion.
25. Subject-oriented social media creation and promotion.
26. The development of unique personage in social media, including promo information in its profile, active commenting, visiting other users’ pages, communication.
27. Social media members’ reward for website/blog link allocation in their profiles.
28. Celebrity participation (as a person keeping blog or as a community member, etc.).
29. Photo content promotion in media like Flickr.
30. Video content promotion in media like YouTube.
31. Audio content promotion.
32. RSS marketing.
33. Podcast recording and distribution.
34. Video log recording and promotion.
35. Undercover marketing at forums.
36. Writing and distribution of comments and reviews of the advertised product/service/brand/website.
37. Creation of mailing list and directing postings.
38. Branded widgets promotion.
39. Mems creation and promotion.
40. Webinar holding.
41. Participation in Internet ratings.
42. Participation in recommender systems as an expert.

The list is still open as the SMM business is not mature yet: general standards are not determined, therefore, there is no well-defined list of marketing tools which unambiguously belong to SMM. I will be very thankful if you kindly add new items to the given list to make it more complete. So, if you use any other tools than that which are described here, please write about them in your comments, and then I will make corresponding changes to my article and update it.

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